Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #95 - With Writer Richard Rivera!

With three bears (Matt, Bill, Steve) in the den this week, the Comic Book Bears are thrilled to welcome to the show writer Richard Rivera! Richard is the writer of three current series - Stabbity Bunny, Wild Bull and Chipper and the soon-to-be-released Storm Pirates!  Richard provides for us the lowdown on those books as well as his role as the marketing director for Think Alike Productions! The show continues with a tribute to the recently departed Darwyn Cooke and the boys also get in a little bit of current comics talk including a dose of Valiant, Future Quest #1, Midnighter #12, Invincible and more!

Intro - "Reflections of You" - Bear in Heaven
Outro - "Durango 95" - The Ramones


Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #94 - Captain America: Civil War

This week Bill, Bryan, Steve and Matt are all on the mic to talk about Captain America: Civil War, the thirteenth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series of films! Civil War centers around The Avengers and disagreement over international oversight of the team which fractures them into two opposing factions – one led by Steve Rogers and the other by Tony Stark. The CBBears weigh in on the film and also briefly discuss the 2006-2007 Marvel Comics crossover event that inspired the new movie in part!

Intro - Bear in Heaven - "Reflections of You"
Outro - As I Lay Dying - "94 Years"


Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #93 - Of Blind Vigilante Lawyers and Bound Amazons

Once again we are five strong in the Comic Book Bears den as Bill, Justin, Matt, Bryan and Steve are all on hand this week. First up, Daredevil's Season 2 on Netflix! Some of the bear boys have finished up their binge watching and chime in about what they thought of this season in which The Punisher and Elektra make their MCU debuts. Then, the long awaited Wonder Woman: Earth One graphic novel by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette was recently released and that too comes under the CBB microscope. The current comic talk continues on with Aliens: Defiance, Faith, Avengers: Standoff, The Ultimates, Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad: April Fool’s Day, Injection, The Omega Men, X-Men's Apocalypse Wars, Lois and Clark, Batman, Silver Surfer (complete with an Alicia Masters tangent) and more!

Intro: Bear in Heaven - "Reflections of You"
Outro: Jason Mraz - "93 Million Miles"


Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #92 - With Special Guest Sina Grace!!!

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In this week's episode, all five Comic Book Bears are on hand to welcome to the show for the first time the incredible Sina Grace! A writer and illustrator, some of Sina's past projects include Burn the Orphanage, The Li'l Depressed Boy and Not My Bag among others.  Sina's most recent project is a web series based on his autobiographical graphic novel Self-Obsessed for Image (which he also stars in!) Our conversation with Sina covers the web series and those projects as well as bears, Scar Jo Sailor Moon, penises, more bears, Prince, working as an editor for Robert Kirkman's Skybound imprint, more penises, one particular syndicated comedy from the 1980's, Generation X and even more penises among other topics! (Yeah, we kind of have to give this one an explicit tag!) We had an utter blast talking with Sina and we hope you will have a blast listening in!

Intro - "Reflections of You" by Bear in Heaven

Outro - "92" by Avail



Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #91 - World’s Finest (and Not So Finest)

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Recent TV is first up on the docket in this new Comic Book Bears Podcast episode! Bill, Matt, Steve and Justin talk about the Supergirl/Flash crossover, one particular recent episode of Legends of Tomorrow and more! The talk then turns to current comics as the CBBears weigh in on Midnighter, House of Penance, Gwenpool, Public Relations, Empress, Prophet: Earth War, Scarlet Witch and then wrap things up with The Woofs of the Week!


A Comic Book Bears Special - The Tito and Bill Goodtime Hour Episode 3: Funshine Saturday

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The CBBears are taking a brief breather so Tito and Bill fill the hairy homo weekly podcast slot this time. Grab some cereal and for the next hour (well, hour and 15 minutes) plant yourself on the couch, turn on the TV and listen in as Messrs Gutierrez and Zanowitz run down their favorite Saturday morning and weekday afternoon shows from when they were growing up.  If the names Hanna-Barbera, Filmation, Sid and Marty Krofft, Protoculture, Tusky The Walrus, The Regal Beagle and The He-Man Women Hater's Club mean something to you, you just might have something in common with our hosts' respective top 10 lists!


The Womb Mates Episode 102- Brian Manning Brings the Truth!!!

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)We welcome Brian Manning (@EvilTwinBrian on Twitter) to talk about the many projects he has going on. He has two podcasts, a novel and working on his first sequential art comic! His podcasts are Podcash and Atomic Mind Dump. We also talk about recent projects on Kickstarter that seem to be taking advantage of the medium. It was a great chat with him and hope to have him back on! As always...enjoy!!!


Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #90 - Four Bears and Some Current Comics

Matt, Steve, Bryan and Bill take a look at some very recent comics and cover what they are grooving on and what didn't ring their bells on this episode. On the Comic Book Bears spinner rack this week you will find The Walking Dead, Outcast, Cyborg, The Ultimates, Batman, Fight Club 2, X-Men '92, Patsy Walker Hellcat, Superman, Action Comics, Captain America and Jughead. Plus a little bit of Rhode Island talk (because you always need a little bit of that in your life.)


The Womb Mates Episode 101- DNS!!! The Best There Is!!!

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DNS (@portless on Twitter) has arrived!!! He is one of the most talented, hard working, humble guys in comics and he is bar none my favorite artist working. Him and David Brown make up Fifth Dimension Comics (@5dComics on Twitter) and make great independent comics. I have had the honor to work with both of them and they are what the indie scene should be like. They have a Kickstarter coming up soon for The Magician- The Long Day, and let me tell you, it's their best work to date! DNS aka Damn Nifty Scotsman, was charming as hell and find out why he's one of the best! As always...enjoy!!!


Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #89 - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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The bears are back to five strong as Billy Z, Matt, Bryan, Steve and Justin are all on this week's episode to talk about a film you just may have heard of. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is director Zack Snyder's follow-up to 2013's Man of Steel and is the second installment in the DC Extended Universe series of films. What do these hairy heavy homos think of Batfleck, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Superman in the bathtub and the other elements of the movie? Listen in to our spoiler filled, spirited discussion to find out!


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