The Boob Toob 27 – Terror of Three

The Boob Toob 27 – Terror of Three

Explicit Content. Dan, Bobgar and Angie have a heaping helping of hot tv and movie talk for you.  American Horror Story: Freak Show, Fry's Planet Word, The Big Bang Theory, Gotham, Felicity's Mental Mission, Gone Girl and a whole lot more!


(0:00:00)              Introductions

(0:04:47)              WHYBW:  American Horror Story: Freak Show (FX)

(0:13:26)              WHYBW: Fry's Planet Word (ABC)

(0:17:48)              WHYBW:  The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

(0:22:02)              WHYBW: Gotham (FOX)


(0:37:04)              Home Movies: Felicity's Mental Mission

(0:42:59)              Home Movies: Dead Within

(0:48:47)              Home Movies: Transformers The Age of Extinction

(0:57:32)              Field Trip: Gone Girl (minor spoilers)

(1:09:40)              Wrap Up

(1:17:41)              Credits/Outtakes



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Outro Music by Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory “Science is Fun”

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Comic Book Bears Podcast - Comic Book Bears Podcast Live! 2014

As part of New York Comic Con's official Super Week schedule of events, the Bears convened at Rockbar NYC on October 8th, 2014 for their very first live podcast recording! And we have the audio for the event for you! Join us as the three Bear Boys Billy Z, Justin and Bryan welcome special guests Jamal Igle (Molly Danger/Supergirl/IDW's Kiss) and Yale Stewart (JL8/Amazing Adventures of Superman) who stop by to discuss their work. Then Greg Boas (producer of such films as Drew: The Man Behind the Poster and Sexina) and the co-hosts discuss their favorite and least favorite comic book movies.  Our old friend (and birthday boy) Alan "New Mutant" White tells us of his Power Principle trade paperback and it turns out he isn't the only birthday boy in attendance!

A couple of words about the show - Bill apologizes in advance for the number of times you will have to turn down the volume when he is on the mic; fighting voice loss led to WAAAY over compensating on his part.  Also there were other segments to the live show (a Silver Age portion with our friend Bob Joy and a trivia contest) which do not appear on this episode due to issues with the soundboard recording.  We hope to bring you these segments on later shows once we properly address the audio problems.  Despite these unfortunate omissions, we hope you will still enjoy what for us was an unforgettable night!


Intro: Matthew Sweet - "Where You Get Love"

0:30 - The Bears Intros and Current Comic Picks

10:00 - Interview with Jamal Igle

27:12 - Interview with Yale Stewart

40:11 - Greg Boas joins the bear boys to discuss comic book movies

50:20 - Alan "New Mutant" White joins us to discuss The Power Principle and we bring up our birthday celebrating friends

1:00:00 - The Epic Thank Yous!

















Earth 2 Podcast Episode 212 – Turmoil and Treehouses

Explicit Content. Bobgar refuses to play nice with anyone so he’s flying solo this episode. He yaps about The Simpson's Treehouse of Horror, Wild's End, Annihilator, Prometheus: Fire & Stone, The Mighty Magnor plus an all new  Comix Rx. More fun than a rabid ewok and the son of a birch that he hangs with!

(0:00:00)              Intro

(0:05:08)              The Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #20

(0:13:09)              Quickies 1:

Wild's End #1

Annihilator #1

(0:25:07)              Quickies 2:

Prometheus: Fire & Stone #1 of 4

The Mighty Magnor #1

(0:36:35)              Best in Show

(0:39:14)              Comix Rx: Digested

(0:43:40)              Credits/outtakes



Intro Music by Gorilla Biscuits - New Direction

Sick of it All: It’s Clobberin’ Time (2012)

Sick of it All: Never Back Down

Dr. Octagon – Intro/Earth People

William Devaughn – Be Thankful for what you got

Credits Music by Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip – The Beat That My Heart Skipped


Great X-Pectations Episode 25: Beyond the Farthest Star

Explicit Content

Sean and Gerry discuss Uncanny X-Men #162-167!

MUSIC INTRO - "Infected" - Bad Religion

Out with the Cockrum, in with the Smith!
Scolding the listeners for turning on Gerry in the Strucker Sketch Challenge.
Charles Xavier is not a nice person.
Claremont's "wordiness" and what we think about it (again...)
Wolverine's heavy drug use leads to interesting life choices
Why Cockrum is perfect for this story
Wolverine hooking up with Carol Danvers?/Kitty Pryde?/Storm?
The Brood Queen is an early hint that Marvel and Disney will unite.
The Brood as the stuff of nightmares.
Plotting the death of Wolverine then and now.
Shooter's New Universe and the New New Universe by Ellis and Larocca.
The fate of Fang I.
Michael Golden's Superprint
Colossus: Weakest willed X-Man?
X-Ladies go crazy in Shi'ar space!
Holiday special!
X-Mas comes early for Chloe and Finn
R.I.P. Saturday morning cartoons.
Gabe Kaplan
Illyana ignored as a potential New Mutant.
The relationship between Storm's powers and the Earth.
CBS Saturday Starcade
Stevie "Sympathy" Hunter
The first appearance of Karma - created by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller
Professor X tries to pull a Stevie, Moira ain't having it.
Kris Anka as the PMS of today's X-Men?
Atari 2600 Spider-Man video game ad
The Brood/Acanti relationship is really the Dark Crystal?
Princess Lilandra: Silverhawk?
The X-Men come face-to-face with the New Mutants for the first time!
Professor X overcome by the Brood, and gets a new clone body!!!


MUSIC OUTRO - "The Last Chance" - Novada

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Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #51

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The bears are back with a new episode, this time with special guest bear Steve Pew! (Ain't he cute?) It is mostly Marvel on the docket this time around as Billy Z, Bryan, Justin and Steve - after a few minutes on the premiere of Gotham - discuss what they are reading. Hickman's Avengers and New Avengers, All-New X-Factor, All-New X-Men #32, the Ultimate Universe, Uncanny X-Men, speculation about Spider-Man and the X-Men, Hawkeye, Immortal Iron Fist, She-Hulk, New Warriors, The Inhumans all get time in the spotlight along with books from other publishers like Velvet, The Fade Out, Annihilator, DC's September Future's End Books, The Devilers and more. Plus this is our last chance to talk up Comic Book Bears Podcast Live! on October 8th in NYC! 

Intro - "Where You Get Love" by Matthew Sweet
1:00 Introducing Guest Bear Steve Pew
4:50 The Premiere of Gotham
19:00 Hickman's Avengers and New Avengers
30:30 All-New X-Factor
37:00 All-New X-Men #32, the Ultimate Universe and Uncanny X-Men
45:30 Spider-Man and the X-Men speculation
49:20 Velvet, Hawkeye, East of West, Immortal Iron Fist
53:05 The Fade Out
55:05 Annihilator and Multiversity: The SOS, Frazier Irving and Chris Sprouse
1:07:30 September's Future's End Books (Justice League United, Justice League, Superman/Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, Teen Titans, Batman, Batgirl, Red Hood and the Outlaws, World's Finest, Aquaman and more.)
1:22:30 The Devilers
1:25:40 New Warriors, (the all-women) X-Men, Ms. Marvel
1:28:55 She-Hulk and the Inhumans
Then ... The Woofs of the Week and our last chance to talk about Comic Book Bears Podcast Live!
Outro - "Area 51" by The Charlatans (UK)


Great X-Pectations Ep 24: Enter The Starjammers!

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Great X-Pectations Episode 24 - Enter the Starjammers!

Explicit Content

What we did for summer vacation!
Sean's evil thorn in his side
Gerry's run of conventions: Wizard World Chicago, Toronto Fan Expo, Cincy ComiCon
A Fraction of an opinion of Fraction's work: Casanova, Defenders, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and (of course) X-Men
Sean's problem with Utopia
RIP Bendis Board
Bendis's X-Men
-What's Maria Hill doing in all these X-stories???
-The Ultimate Universe crossing over
-What we dug/ didn't dig about the Ultimate U
Bucking the completist attitude
Taking a hard look at our comic collections
What are those old books worth to us, anyway? What are we willing to let them go for?
Trying to understand the back issue market
digital vs paper
U2 and how "stuff" doesn't mean as much anymore
Gravity Falls and Girl Meets World
Sean is hurting because of all the Cyclops hatred and Wolverine love.
Sean's origin story and his relationship with the Church.
Cyclop's change in attitude.
Writers using fan complaints to screw with fans in the stories.
Peter David as an example for building characters instead of tearing them down, and his new X-Factor book (Volume 4).
Hey comics, Gerry is Audi 5000.

Uncanny X-Men #156-161! Claremont / Cockrum / Sienkiewicz / Anderson / Wiacek
More shitty Kitty costumes
Christopher Summer's death and Corsair's origin!
Brubaker's rewrite of Corsair's origin
Professor X gives up on life
Bill Sienkiewicz's first X-Men work
Dracula visits the X-Men
The return of #Ballsacko! We recap The X-Men's adventure through Limbo.
Baron Strucker returns as a guest of the show and tries to explain his actions in
Uncanny X-Men #161
Strucker's twitter jampiece challenge!!! Vote @baronvstrucker to determine whether Gerry will add a Strucker sketch to his jampiece!

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E2P The Boob Toob 26 – Double Feature!

Explicit Content. Dan and Bobgar are joined by Angie. Well sort of. In this double feature episode Bobgar introduces a rather shy at first Angie to the show. In the second half Dastardly Dan returns and obliterates our senses with a titanic tsunami of TV and movies. Check it out and be sure to scan the show notes for specific titles.



(0:00:00)              Introductions

(0:02:40)              The After (Amazon Studios)

(0:11:45)              WHYBW: Chopped (Food Network), Eating America (Food Network), local news about an albino cobra

(0:17:78)              WHYBW:  Ancient Aliens Season 1 (History Channel)

(0:25:47)              Home Movies: Haunt (2014)

(0:35:33)              Home Movies: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013), Robocop (2014)

(0:41:53)              Wrap Up #1



(0:44:13)              Introductions

(0:45:54)              WHYBW: Brooklyn Nine-Nine [SBS, Fox], Extant [Ten, CBS], Futurama [Ten, Eleven, Comedy Central], Hunter X Hunter [Crunchyroll], Rake (Aus) [ABC]- Seasons 2-3

(1:00:15)              WHYBW: Really [Amazon Studios]

(1:09:48)              Home Movies: Stop at Nothing - The Lance Armstrong Story

Home Movies: Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

(1:26:36)              Home Movies: Doctor Who: The Ultimate Time Lord

Home Movies: Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion

Home Movies: Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics (2013)

(1:40:24)              Home Movies: Real History of Science Fiction [BBC]

Home Movies: Love Hotel

(1:56:01)              Wrap Up #2

(1:58:15)              Credits/Outtakes



Intro Music is an arrangement by Bobgar incorporating Dan Le Sac’s “Standon Mix”

Outro Music by Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory “Science is Fun”

All other television sounds and excerpts TM & © their respective publishers.


Earth 2 Podcast Episode 212 – Return of Monsta II

Explicit Content. The notorious man called Monsta returns to talk Winterworld, Witchfinder, Amelia Cole, The Package, Prince: Alter Ego, Sally of the Wasteland, Whispers In The Walls, The Survivalist, The Superannuated Man, Lose, Trees, Spider-Man 2099, Little Nemo Return to Slumberland, Alien Legion, Smell a Rat and Pariah Missouri. Holy heck! Plus THREE new  Comix Rx. INSANE!


(0:00:00)              Intro

Smell A Rat

Horror comic by Carl D Smith & Stan Chou

Pariah Missouri Books 1 & 2 Hardcovers supernatural frontier comic

Andres Salazar


(0:05:26)              Winterworld #1-2


(0:20:48)              Quickies: Jon

Witchfinder: Mysteries of Unland #3

Amelia Cole #18


(0:29:09)              Quickies: Monsta

The Package

Prince Alter Ego 1991


(0:40:00)              Quickies: Bob

Sally of the Wasteland

Whispers In The Walls

The Survivalist

The Superannuated Man

Lose #6

Trees #4

Spider-Man 2099

Little Nemo Return to Slumberland

Alien Legion talk with Monsta


(0:54:06)              Comix Rx: Monsta

Witch Gauntlet

Comix Rx: Jon

Manhattan Projects

Comix Rx: Bob

The Twilight Zone

(1:02:11)              Wrap Up/Contact Info:    @monstaville2

(1:07:46)              Credits/outtakes



Intro Music by Gorilla Biscuits - New Direction

Molotov - Frijolero

Molotov - Puto

Dr. Octagon – Intro/Earth People

William Devaughn – Be Thankful for what you got

Credits Music by Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip – The Beat That My Heart Skipped


Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #50 - Of Cons and Crises and Captains of Carrots

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Con recap episodes are a specialty of ours and you get a double shot here with Bryan talking about DragonCon and Billy Z and Justin about Baltimore Comic Con. Then new comic talk covers Mutiversity #1 (DC), Grant Morrison, a lot of Final Crisis talk, The Futures End issues of Earth 2, Action Comics and Swamp Thing, Original Sin #8, Dash #1  from Northwest Press, The Devilers #2,  God Hates Astronauts #1 and more.

Intro – “Where You Get Love” by Matthew Sweet<?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

1:06 Bryan talks about DragonCon

19:47 Billy Z and Justin talk Baltimore Comic Con

47:56 – Mutiversity #1 (DC), Grant Morrison and Final Crisis

1:12:10 – The Futures End issues of Earth 2, Action Comics and Swamp Thing (DC)

1:25:10 – Original Sin #8 (Marvel)

1:36:18 – Dash #1 (Northwest Press)

1:43:07 – The Devilers #2 (Dynamite) and Miracleman (Marvel) – briefly

1:47:00 – God Hates Astronauts #1 (Image)

1:56:40 – Kevin Keller #14 (Archie) and Grendel/The Shadow #1 (Dark Horse/Dynamite)

1:59:12 – The Woofs of the Week

Outro “50/50” by The Strokes

Woof Links -!gatent/c5ik


Comic Book Bears Podcast Special Edition - Bears in the Toybox Episode #1

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This is the first of a number of special edition episodes where the Bears and their extended family will have a chance to talk about topics outside of four-color funnybook goodness. In this episode regular CBB co-host Bill Zanowitz and past guest and geek culture commentator Chris Cummins spend some time talking toys. You'll get to hear what toys Bill and Chris enjoyed as kids, their history with toys as certified manchildren, toy lines they would love to see exist and a lot more. 

Mego's World's Greatest Super-Heroes! Mattel's Secret Wars! Fisher Price's Adventure People! Kenner's Star Wars! Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces! Shogun Warriors! Star Trek from Playmates! Defenders of the Earth! Milton Bradley's Duran Duran boardgame! These are just some of the toys we unwrap in this episode! 


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