Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue 65.5 - CBBears Just Talkin’

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We decided to do something totally different with this episode.  Instead of sticking with our standard format, we instead have all five bears on the mic this time around, without any prep or plan and we just talk. And talk. And talk and talk. About everything!  Sketch comedy TV, Tina Fey, Monty Python, dead pets, Hulk Hogan and racism, gun control, Whitesnake, straight porn movies ... in fact we don't start talking about comics until the end of the episode.  It was a nice break for us and, though it might not be to everyone's liking, we still hope you will check it out!


Earth 2 Podcast Episode 227 – The Original Earth Two Point Zero

Earth 2 Podcast Episode 227 – The Original Earth Two Point Zero

Explicit Content. Onyx, The Realist, Superman: Doomed, The King In Yellow, Testament, and more in this installment of Earth 2!


 (0:00:00)             Intro


Onyx (IDW)

The Realist (Archaia)



Superman: Doomed (DC)

The King In Yellow (Self Made Hero)

Testament (Douglass Rushkoff)  


Comix RX: the new 2000 AD app

(0:32:01)              Credits



Intro Music by Gorilla Biscuits - New Direction

La Coka Nostra - Brujeria

La Coka Nostra –I’m An American

William Devaughn – Be Thankful for what you got

Credits Music by Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip – The Beat That My Heart Skipped


The Womb Mates Episode 15- The Prophet of Comics, Rob Jones!!!

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Rob Jones joins the show to talk about all the comics he's doing for Madius, working with me on The Servant, his lettering award and the joy of making comics! He is one creator to watch out for. As always...enjoy!!!



The Boob Toob 38 – Westeros is The Besteros

The Boob Toob 38 –  Westeros is The Besteros

Explicit Content. Dan, Bobgar, and Jon take a trip to the land of Westeros and dish all aout Game of Thrones including the season 5 recap. Spoilers for some of the novels as well. They guys also give a little love (or is it hate?) to True Detective Season 2. Only the first two episodes, so do not fear, they can’t spoil what they haven’t watched yet.


Interlude: "I'm Always Here" by Jimi Jamison

GoT end of season 4 recap (spoilers for season 4)

GoT season 5 spoiler free talk
Tangent: The Wire

Interlude: "Never Ending Story" by Limahl 

GoT season 5 SPOILER talk (including the books)

Interlude: Jon's favourite song

GoT season 5 DIRTY talk

True Detective season 2 episodes 1-2
Final thoughts on GoT

Goodbyes and credits




BLOOG! The Boob Toob Show blog:


Intro Music is an arrangement by Bobgar incorporating Dan Le Sac’s “Standon Mix”

Outro Music by Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory “Science is Fun”

All other movie and television sounds and excerpts TM & © their respective publishers.


Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue 65 Part 2 - The Moon in June (Recorded 6/16/2015)

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It is the long awaited second half of Episode 65!  This time around, Billy Z, Bryan, Steve and Matt talk about a whole bunch of things - AnimeNext, Flame Con, GeekOUT's Power anthology, Secret Wars and its tie - ins (1602, Weirdworld, X-Men books), Green Lantern, Bizarro, Midnighter, Constantine the Hellblazer, Nameless, Providence, Jupiter's Circle, If This Ben Sin as well as Blur, shows filming in our respective hometowns and the most professional sign-off to any podcast you will ever hear! (Don't be thrown off by the dates we refer to in the show - we have a bit of a backlog of recordings and we placed getting out the recent interviews we released to you as a priority. We are trying to get all of what we have in the can out to you before the end of the month.)

 Intro - Bear in Heaven - "The Reflection of You"

02:41 - AnimeNext, FlameCon, GeeksOUT Power, prepping for HeroesCon

18:20 - Secret Wars

25:22 - Secret Wars Tie-Ins (1602, Weirdworld)

36:01 - Secret Wars Tie-Ins (The X-Men Books)

50:33 - Green Lantern #41

58:11 - Bizarro #1

1:02:49 - Midnighter #1

1:16:23 - Constantine The Hellblazer #1

1:25:56 - Nameless (Image)

1:34:03 - Providence (Avatar)

1:37:30 - Jupiter's Circle #3  (Image)

1:44:50 - If This Be Sin by Hazel Newlevant

1:54:33 - The Woofs of The Week

Outro - White Zombie - "Thunder Kiss '65"

The Woofy Links -





The Womb Mates Episode 14- Greg Wright is Here to Help!!!

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Greg Wright pops in to tell us about his Western anthology Wild Bullets #1!!! We talk about his writing process,the hardest part of editing yourself and how to write for your artist. As always... enjoy!!!



Earth 2 Podcast Episode 226 – Four Ones Plus One

Earth 2 Podcast Episode 226 – Four Ones Plus One

Explicit Content. Slurm diggy time! Death Sentence: London #1, Omega Men #1, Broken World #1, Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians #1, and Pictures That Tick!

 (0:00:00)             Intro


Death Sentence: London #1 (Titan Comics)

Omega Men #1 (DC)

Broken World #1 (Boom!)


Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians #1 (Dark Horse)

Pictures That Tick (Dark Horse)

(0:23:30)              Credits/outtakes



The Womb Mates Episode 13- John Bailey is Rad to Death!!!

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We welcome the truth talking John Bailey to the show to talk about his comic Wage Slaves! The book pops off the page with the colors and then hits you in the face with how real it is. Check it out! As a;ways...enjoy!

wage slaves vol


Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #65 Part 1 - Special Guest Jamal Igle and Molly Danger

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In the first part of our 65th episode, Jamal Igle makes a return visit after his appearance at our New York Comic Con Super Week show last October to discuss his Kickstarter campaign to help fund the ongoing series of his Molly Danger and the bear boys couldn't be more thrilled! Molly Danger is a super powered 10-year-old-alien girl who protects the city of Coopersville, New York from an army of villains called The Supermechs. Although Molly is an internationally famous super heroine, she is incredibly lonely and isolated from the public by D.A.R.T. (Danger’s Action Response Team) command. Forbidden from having personal contact, she has no friends, no family, and no life outside of being a hero; that is until she meets D.A.R.T. pilot and new partner Austin Briggs and befriends his stepson Brian Hammond.   The ongoing series picks up nine months since the end of Molly's Book One with Molly continuing to break D.A.R.T. protocols as she begins to question what is and what is not real! Jamal also serves as the Vice President of Marketing for Action Lab Entertainment and he fills us in on what to expect from Action Lab in the near future. And if all that weren't enough Jamal also discusses with us his early work in comics, his two year stint on Supergirl, the return of his Venture project with writer Jay Faerber and much more!!




Comic Book Bears Go To The Movies Special - Bear City 3

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The Comic Book Bears are back with a special episode where we close the funnybooks for an hour and shift our focus to the silver screen! We are thrilled to have on the show for an interview some of the big names behind the upcoming Bear City 3! Writer/Director Doug Langway and Producer Sam Kite join Billy Z, Justin, Steve and Matt to discuss the Indiegogo campaign to help fund the third and final hilarious installment of the award-winning BearCity Trilogy! Matt pulls double duty on this episode as both a co-host AND a creator as he is drawing the BC 2.5 Graphic Novel, the official BearCity Graphic Novel! BC 2.5 is just one of the many campaign incentives you can choose from when you open up your wallet to help make this project a reality! Listen in as Doug, Sam and Matt take you through what you can expect to see as the BC family heads to camp!

And if you haven't already, click thru to or to find out even more!


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